Facilitation Skills Course Proves a Hit for North West Training Company

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Watt Works Consulting Ltd is a professional consulting, training, and coaching company – based in the North West of England at Booths Hall in Cheshire.  They offer a wide range of courses, seminars, and training services specifically tailored to help both individuals and businesses improve their performance in sustainable ways.

One of their most successful courses to date has been their 2-day course on facilitation skills training – with people traveling to attend their courses at Knutsford from across the UK.   So, why is facilitation so in demand these days?

David Kerr – Managing Director of Watt Works Consulting Ltd – explained, “Facilitation is a series of processes, principles, and techniques that allows a suitably trained individual to guide a group of people through complex decisions in effective and efficient ways.  In short, facilitation skills will give you the ability to design and deliver interactive group workshops to create high-quality group output in extremely compressed timeframes.  And, in today’s difficult economic climate, we think people are looking at facilitation skills as one of the ultimate career enhancers.”

Facilitation was originally developed in the world of IT in the 1970s by IBM Canada as part of their celebrated ‘Joint Application Development (JAD) approach to software development.   These days, facilitation is used routinely in some of the largest and most successful organizations in the world for purposes as diverse as creating an organizational vision, strategy planning, problem-solving, and innovation.

Kerr added, “Our courses help people really understand some of the difficulties of group communication and decision-making – especially in contentious and politically charged environments.  They learn about group dynamics, advanced listening skills, conflict resolution, advanced communication patterns, and more.  These are the kinds of skills that can really help people stand out from the crowd in their organization since they make a significant difference to the way they think about and operate in their everyday roles.”

Watt Works Consulting is now expanding its geographic reach, with a new training venue recently announced in London and additional venues planned in Cardiff and Belfast in the near future.  In a climate characterized by pessimism, doom and gloom, and impending job cuts, attending one of their facilitation skills courses might just be the difference that makes the difference to your career.

For more information on their facilitation skills courses, check out:

http://www.watt-works.com/training/facilitation-creativity-change/facilitation-skills-training/ .


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