Watt Works Announces New Training Course in Motivation Skills

Cheshire, United Kingdom (28 June, 2011) – Watt Works Consulting Ltd, a dynamic consulting, training and coaching company that helps individuals and organisations achieve sustainable performance improvement, is pleased to announce that it has added an exciting new course to its suite of personal and professional development courses.

The title of the new course, which will be offered at a number of UK venues in the near future, is ‘Motivation Skills’. This course reflects a clear need within the UK business and corporate sectors to access training that improves the ability of companies and individuals to inspire themselves and those around them to achieve greater commitment in their working lives.  It has been developed in response to the government’s recent clarion call for the business sector to focus upon developing greater employee engagement.

The Motivation Skills course offers challenging, cutting-edge training that challenges the traditional notion that the best way to motivate staff, colleagues and customers is to solely offer them material incentives linked to performance.  We will look at how modern research shows the limitations of such approaches and how they can even sometimes be counter-productive.  We look at a range of novel and flexible methods to engage people and motivate them by appealing to a greater and more human range of interests that can inspire in the absence of financial rewards.  We will also examine how motivating staff requires us to look more closely at individual patterns rather than assuming that “one motivational style fits all”.

The course will be delivered as a live one-day training and will give delegates an opportunity to absorb new principles and concepts, reflect upon how these can be applied in the workplace and also develop a range of practical skills to motivate themselves and others.  It will also enable delegates to obtain an insight into their own personal motivational patterns and to realise how others they work with may well respond very differently.  This awareness of the variety of motivational patterns in the workplace can help develop an increased flexibility in our client organisations.

We are proud to announce this course and believe it represents original, state of the art skills and approaches in this field.

These new courses will be run in the company’s key locations of London, Cheshire and Belfast and will be led by the Watt Works’ Director of Training, Damian Hamill, who commented:

“Many of the approaches and concepts that have been taught in the areas of staff motivation are stale and outdated.  They don’t serve the companies who use them, their staff or their customers. By combining recent research findings with a broad spectrum of relevant NLP concepts we believe we have created a unique and eclectic approach that will generate greater staff engagement and job satisfaction which can only be to the benefit of employees and the companies they work for.   We invite you to join us in learning about these exciting approaches.”

For more information on Watt Works and their courses, visit their website at http://www.watt-works.com/ or telephone 01565-759893.

About Watt Works:

Watt Works are a UK based company specialising in a range of consulting, training and coaching services, such as business coaching, management consultancy and management development training. They can help participants improve aspects of their personality which can help them achieve personal and professional dreams. They can deliver courses to organisations or individuals, and are available on an open programme or in-house.

Damian Hamill, Director of Training
Booths Hall,
Chelford Road,
WA16 8GS
Tel: 01565-759893
Email: damian@watt-works.com


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