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London, UK May 4th 2012 – Flying is typically the most convenient means of travel but it can also be stressful and difficult to plan. The Essential Travel website provides flyers with access to VIP lounges, airport parking and hotels, and travel insurance at competitive rates.

Airport parking enables flyers to drive their own car to the airport and back home again. This means there’s less reliance on taxis or public transport and it means that there’s less need to book into a hotel to ensure that they are at the airport on time. Essential Travel provides its visitors with access to a range of car parking facilities including Meet and Greet, Park and Ride, and on-airport parking.

Another alternative that many travellers turn to is the use of airport hotels. These provide flyers with the means to reduce their journey time on the day they fly. There’s no need to get up as early and it’s possible to enjoy a good night’s rest and something decent to eat before heading out to wait at the airport. Essential Travel has access to competitive prices from hundreds of hotels situated around 20 of the UK’s most widely used airports.

Travel insurance is a critical part of a holiday. If something should go wrong then it is insurance that the holidaymaker or business traveller will be able to turn to in order to help them. This means that travel insurance not only offers protection but peace of mind, which can prove equally important when flying abroad on holiday or a business trip.

Essential Travel offers travellers access to a variety of services and products including VIP lounge booking, airport hotel booking, and airport car parking facilities. They also provide competitive prices for leading travel insurance policies.


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