NHS Hull Dentists Continue to Work to Offer the Best Service

England 19/04/2012 – NHS Hull dentists have a reputation for excellence

NHS Hull dentists want to see more people take advantage of the dental service that the NHS offers. Many of these dentists have been in business as NHS dentists for several decades now. Despite pressure to turn their attention to the private sector they have insisted on providing the people of Hull with an alternative to that offered by the private dentistry industry. Many of these dentists did so as a matter of principle. Not knowing whether or not doing so would cost them money because they were unable to charge the prices many private practices charge.

However, in most cases the gamble has really paid off. Their practices are completely full. In fact, they have some pretty big waiting lists. The current economic climate means that this situation is likely to continue.

In addition, many of their patients have at least some cosmetic dentistry done by them. Certain procedures are not covered by the NHS. For example, you cannot have white fillings done under the NHS scheme. However, some NHS clients want this kind of filling and are willing to pay for it. Naturally, because they are happy with the other services their NHS Hull dentist has performed they choose to have that extra work done by them rather than go to another dentist with a solely private practice. This brings much-needed additional revenue to the NHS practice. Revenue that is reinvested to enable the NHS dentist to keep up with the private sector in terms of equipment and the range of procedures they can offer.

NHS Hull Dentists continue to invest

An example of this approach is the East Hull Dental Centre, which has been in existence for over 30 years. This practice resisted the temptation to become a solely private dental practice. Today, it is one of the most popular dental practices in the city. They have recently completed a refurbishment of all of their dental clinics and now have six brand-new dental treatment rooms. In addition, they built a new sterilisation room, which enables them to sterilise their own equipment after each patient.


East Hull Dental Centre

822 Holderness Road

Hull, United Kingdom

Zip: HU9 3LP

Tel: 01482 783611

Fax: 01482 706587



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