Fleet Tutors Launches School Selection Consultancy Service

London, United Kingdom, (24th February, 2012) – Fleet Tutors, a leading provider of private tuition, is now providing a range of supplementary educational services to clients, including a School Selection Consultancy Service.

Fleet Tutors’ School Selection consultancy service is part of their on-going efforts to help parents to make their child’s school years more enjoyable and productive for the whole family. The leading private tutoring provider’s latest service offers parents advice on choosing the right school for their child. Fleet’s school selection consultants have in-depth knowledge of independent and grammar schools, and are highly experienced in placing hundreds of children in schools where they are happy and fulfil their academic potential.

Fleet Tutors highlights that a School Selection Consultancy Service may be particularly ideal for parents whose children are not thriving in their current school; families that have recently relocated; parents who are having difficulty deciding between state and independent education; and parents who simply find the education system confusing and would like some impartial advice on which school would be ideal for their child.

Fleet Tutors’ Managing Director, Mylène Curtis, commented: “Choosing a school for your child can be an incredibly difficult decision, and one of the most important ones you will make for your child. Each child will learn and interact differently to the next, and all children deserve to attend a school that enables them to reach their full potential.

“At Fleet Tutors we do not accept fees from schools, so our advice is objective and impartial. Our overriding goal is to find the school that is most suited to the individual child, rather than the other way around.

“We recommend that any parents having difficulties of any kind in sourcing a school for their child gets in contact with us for advice and assistance.”

For more information on Fleet Tutors and their tutoring services, visit their website at www.fleet-tutors.co.uk/ or call them on 0845 644 5452.

About Fleet Tutors:

Fleet Tutors has thirty-five years’ experience helping students of all ages unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. As Britain’s leading provider of private tutors, Fleet Tutors has a team of highly-qualified staff with vast experience teaching all ages. They aim to help people of all ability levels, age ranges and backgrounds to gain the results they need and realise the future they want.


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