Keeping Your Home Warm And Dry All Year Round

March 2012 – It can be easy to assume that when your home was built things such as damp proofing were taken into account and that suitable solutions were carried out. However what you will find is that this is usually only carried out on the main living parts of your home and that rooms such as your basement left out!

Whilst this may seem fine you have to remember that damp spreads and that if it can get into your home then it can easily spread up through the walls and have a big problem.

Thankfully London Home Counties is on hand to offer a whole host of damp proofing solutions to help you and your home become safe from damp before it becomes a big problem. Whether you need basement tanking or you want to them to look at damp in the corner of a bedroom they will be able to send out an experienced professional to take a look and offer the best solutions for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you simply want to get rid of damp or you are looking to convert your basement into a living space and want to avoid damp completely. They have a whole of range solutions so whatever your damp proofing needs are; they have the answer for you!

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Baldock, Hertfordshire
Zip: SG7 6QF

Tel: 0208 365 3724



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