Forklift Breakdowns Could be Prevented by Regular Maintenance

England – 11.10.2013 – FLT Maintenance Contracts Mean No More Delays

When a car breaks down it can be, at the very least, very disruptive for the owner, not least if they rely on the car to get them to and from work. However, when a piece of their working or office equipment breaks down then they can be prevented from being productive.

The same is true of forklift trucks, such as those sold and hired by For many businesses, these are as essential as their lights, heating, and physical stock, and there are few businesses that could imagine being able to carry out their business without their forklift truck.

A sudden breakdown of the truck will often come with little warning or prior signs for the user or business owner but can be extremely inconvenient often meaning that the business has to lose productivity and in turn money as they wait for the fault, whatever it may be, to be fixed.

Maintenance Contracts

Businesses throughout the south, including those in Bedford, Northampton, Wellingborough, Luton, and Huntingdon have been feeling the benefit of regular forklift truck maintenance from Hitec. Based in Wellingborough, Northants, Hitec offer a wide variety of services including the sale and hire of forklifts, driver training, and ongoing education and maintenance.

Their maintenance services include regular contracts, emergency repairs, replacements, and thorough examination which is akin to an MOT for a forklift.

These services could not only ensure a lack of nasty surprises for the businesses that rely upon their forklifts and cannot work or continue certain areas of their business without them but could also ensure that the costs of an emergency are kept to a minimum.

The company says, “Hitec lift trucks can put together a bespoke service contract for your servicing needs. This service contract covers all standard servicing requirements and includes a service inspection report. This report covers all points which affect the day-to-day running of your equipment, including any necessary adjustments, lubrication, filter changes, battery, and safety checks. This is carried out on every service and a detailed copy of the service report is left with the customer to meet the health and safety requirements. “

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