South-West Business Makes Forklift Truck Buying Easier for Local Customers

England – 11.10.2013 – Range of Buying and Finance Options Available

Whilst it’s true to say that many businesses wouldn’t be able to do without their forklift trucks and the various jobs that an FLT enable them to do, it’s also fair to say that, even when the purchase price is offered very reasonably by a company such as, buying a forklift truck and having the ongoing expenses of training, running and maintaining the truck can still be too much for many businesses.

Even in a time when the UK economy is improving for the first time in many years, there is a bottom line for business owners and as a result, many of them have to make every available effort to keep costs to a minimum. Therefore, it is often the case that business owners have to make cuts in terms of the equipment they buy.


This need to keep costs to a minimum can lead to many business owners buying inexpensive yet unreliable equipment, and this can be a false economy. Although the initial cost of buying second-hand equipment for low prices can be a saving at the time, the amount of money spent on transforming an unreliable piece into something which can be relied upon and the amount of time wasted as this is done can actually mean that the “bargain” can end up being more expensive in the long run.

There is Another Way!
Based in Wiltshire, and servicing the whole of the South West, Western Lift Trucks offer brand-new forklift trucks to their customers with a variety of buying, hiring, and finance options.

Knowing that the reliability and ability of the machine are essential to the businesses who rely upon the Western Lift Trucks aim to make the provision of forklifts easier for the customers who have to rely upon them. Including buying outright, lease purchase, financial solutions which are open and not tied to any particular financing company, and contract hire, the company aims to ensure that every business that needs a forklift truck for their business has the option of having one at a price and package which is right for them and their needs.

They say, “We can provide a range of purchase packages to meet customer’s needs when they come to buy a new or refurbished forklift truck”.

Bowerhill Industrial Estate
Melksham, Wiltshire,
United Kingdom
Zip: SN12 6SP
Phone: 01225 707076

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