France wine tour

Where you’ll go with Rail Europe

Start in Champagne, just 45 minutes on the high speed TGV train from Paris, and take a tour of the vineyards and the fascinating cellars of Moët & Chandon. Here you’ll learn all about the world’s most celebrated wine – tasting it as you discover its history and heritage. But wait! Champagne has many other vineyards to enjoy so make sure you visit and taste the Mumm, Pommery, Veuve-Clicquot and Ruinart varieties – why not ? You are on holiday!

After you’ve filled up on bubbles, jump back on the TGV and head to the Burgundy region – just under four hours away. Here you can visit the home and vineyards of the world famous Chablis.

Next on your France wine tour, head down to the amazing cellars of the Rhône Valley, where the Clairette de Die sparkling wine is the order of the day; and what better way to enjoy it, than bathed in glorious sunshine, overlooking the rich rolling vineyards?

From the Rhone Valley hop back on to the TGV to Languedoc Roussillon, just over two hours away. Here you’ll sample the eclectic wines of the region combined with its breath-taking scenery.

To finish your France wine tour, no cultural tour of France would be complete without a stop in Bordeaux Acquitaine, just three hours away. There are an astonishing 2000 vineyards here, and even if you can only explore, taste and enjoy a few, make sure they include the world famous, Saint-Émilion and Medoc.

What you’ll do

As well as tasting the many different varieties of wine France has to offer, you’ll visit the fascinating vineyard museums and cellars, and watch the secret of how wine is made. Although you may be completely content with tasting wonderful French wines, the experience is made even better by your surroundings; the picturesque vineyards at the heart of the beauty of France.

A complete France Wine Tour: From Paris

Champagne                             Paris – Reims                                                  45 mn

Alsace                                      Reims – Strasbourg                                         2h10

Burgundy                                 Strasbourg – Dijon – Beaune – Lyon              2h25

Rhone Valley                           Lyon – Valence – Montpellier                        1h

Languedoc                               Montpellier – Carcassonne                            1h

Bordeaux                                 Carcassonne – Bordeaux                                3h

Loir Valley                               Bordeaux – Tours                                            2h40

Roundtrip to Paris                   Tours – Paris                                                   1h15


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