Free Standing Baths

One of life’s true pleasures is a long luxurious soak in a tub after a hard day’s graft. Whether you ply your trade as a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker come the end of the day a long hot soak is most welcome.

The Albion Bath Company is the premier retailer of free standing baths in the UK. Founded in 1993 we have consistently supplied bathing products of the finest calibre to customers throughout the UK. Today we’re proud that our range of free standing baths is amongst the most sought after in the market.

Here at The Albion Bath Company we immerse the competition firmly beneath us. When considering a renovation of your bathroom area, the free standing baths of our catalogue are simply the only products to consider.

Despite the fact that the aesthetics of our free standing baths appear somewhat comparable to the free standing baths of our competitors, we assure you that their features provide you with a wave upon wave of ease of superior relaxation. Each of the free standing baths of our catalogue are expertly constructed and moulded by some of the most innovative craftsmen in the UK.

Indeed, if you’re intent on adding an air of grandeur to your bathroom our free standing baths add that exquisiteness that you’re looking for. Their deeply comfortable designs offer you the optimal environment to drift away and leave the world behind. We’re confident that once you take the plunge and purchase one of the numerous beautiful bespoke free standing baths that you’ll certainly wonder how you ever lived without them in your life.

Our free standing baths are constructed to meticulous standards. Given that customer satisfaction is at the core of our business ethos not a single one of the free standing baths of our catalogue leaves the showroom with passing stringent safety, functionality and aesthetics standards. This unwavering standard extends throughout our entire product range, and assures you that our products are of the highest quality.

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