Slaters Electricals Helps Companies Save Money On Effective Electrical Systems

London, UK June 28th 2012 – Switchgear can be used for a number of reasons in an advanced electrical system. At its most basic it offers similar features to those provided by a fusebox and fuses, cutting the power as soon as there is evidence of problems in the mains power supply. However, it can also be used to effectively switch from mains supply to a backup generator, isolate portions of the system to allow for testing and maintenance, and provide greater protection to the electrical equipment that is plugged in.

Power surges and an uneven power supply can lead to major problems with equipment like machines and other electrical items. An increase or decrease in power can cause problems by overloading the machinery and this can not only lead to damaged machines but it can cause fires, electrical surges, and more. Therefore, the use of switchgear and transformers can help improve the level of safety that surrounds your electrical system and the equipment and machinery that you use in your establishment.

Switchgear provided by Slaters Electricals can also help to save money. A smoother supply means machines will last longer and continue to provide the kind of features that you demand for longer. Repair bills will typically be lower when using a good quality and consistent power supply while replacement costs will also be lower. What’s more, efficient power supplies tend to mean lower electricity consumptions and this translates into lower electricity bills too.

Slaters Electricals has 65 years experience in providing high quality components for electrical systems. Using these components, businesses have enjoyed better quality electricity supplies and more even power for their businesses, regardless of industry or power requirements. Businesses can visit for a list of the products and components that Slaters provide and how these can help.


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