Gadget Cover Launch New iPhone Insurance Loss Policy

London, United Kingdom (25 July, 2012) – Gadget Cover, a leading gadget and mobile phone insurance provider, announce that customers can now insure their iPhones against loss.

Gadget Cover can provide iPhone insurance cover for an affordable price of just £5.99, and they have recently announced that customers can now insure their device for loss for an additional £1 per month. This is an incredibly competitive insurance rate as many insurance networks can charge up to £15 a month.

As a result, customers can replace their phone without having to pay the full retail replacement price. Therefore, it pays to opt for cheap iPhone insurance against loss, theft and damage to ensure that the unintentional loss does not affect a person’s finances.

A spokesperson for Gadget Cover commented: “Many iPhone owners often think their device is covered against loss if they have mobile insurance, but this isn’t always the case. We have over 17 years’ experience in the industry and can offer very competitive rates of insurance for damage, theft and now loss.”

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About Gadget Cover:

Gadget Cover is one of the leading gadget and mobile phone insurance providers in the UK, and has nearly twenty years’ experience in the industry. Dedicated to offering low cost insurance policies to suit their customers’ requirements, Gadget Cover don’t offer any long-term contracts and customers can opt to pay annually or monthly.


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