England 17/11/2012- Sales of garden ornaments from Geoffs garden ornaments are growing

Geoffs Garden Ornaments offer great value for money. This firm has been making garden ornaments since 1987 and they have a very good reputation. Over the years, they have extended their range to take account of UK homeowners changing tastes and today they sell over a hundred different designs.

They started their business on a small scale with only one showroom in Chichester. From the start, they were successful, albeit on a small scale. They launched on-line, and that is when demand really began to grow.

At first consumers were a little resistant to buying garden ornaments from the web. They worried about the cost of delivery, and not being able to see the ornaments with their own eyes. The team overcame both problems quickly. They provided plenty of high quality photographs of each item along with details such as dimensions. The fact they had a showroom inspired confidence in their customers. Although many people were not able to get to the showroom, they reasoned that the firm was not a fly by night firm because the quality of their work was good enough to withstand visual scrutiny by people who lived close enough to the showroom. Fears about the cost of delivery were allayed simply by the staff making it clear that the cost of delivery for items ordered on-line was the same as it was for items chosen from their showroom.

How the Geoffs Garden Ornaments range has changed
At first, the majority of demand came from owners of large homes looking for classic statues, such as lions, urns and griffins. However, over time, the firm realised there was a growing market for more unusual statues and that they could sell to people with ordinary residential gardens.

Geoffs Garden Ornaments now sell a huge range of statues. Some of their most popular statues are Buddhas and Ganesh or Ganesha Statues. They also now offer bronze statues as well as stone statues. Recently they have extended their fountains range too. They sell five main types in dozens of sizes and styles.

Green Workshop Building
Highgrove Farm, Main Road
Bosham, Chichester
West Sussex, UK
Tel: 01243 574 211
Email: info@geoffs-garden-ornaments.co.uk
Website: http://www.geoffs-garden-ornaments.co.uk/