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England 23/06/2012 – Getting Show Home Interior Design Right is Critical to Success

In today’s extremely competitive environment, developers have to pay close attention to what they do. Every decision has to be made to maximise profit. Nowadays, they really have to get their marketing 100% right. Show home interior design is far more critical than it once was. Consumers in the UK are far more sophisticated than they once were. It is no longer good enough to dress a show home with ordinary everyday furniture.

People in the UK are far more design conscious than they once were. They are fed a constant diet of home decor ideas via magazines, newspapers and TV shows about DIY, building houses and selling them.

Modern, British homeowners aspire to live in homes that are decorated and furnished to a very high standard. Therefore, when selling to them you have to show them a home that is decorated and furnished to a high standard. The interior design of a show home is vital. Developers are selling potential buyers the dream. There is no point in showing someone a home that is not that different to the one they already own.

More Firms Outsourcing Show Home Interior Design

Most developers do not employ their own interior designers. They just do not have enough work to justify doing so. This means that when it is time to decorate and furnish a show home many developers end up paying a significant fee to hire an interior designer. However, more and more developers find this too expensive, so are looking for an alternative.

Firms like Emblem Furniture are providing an alternative to hiring a interior designer and actually buying furniture. Emblem has put together several collections of furniture that is designed to be hired on a mix and match basis. They allow property developers, landlords or homeowners to hire the pieces of furniture they need to dress their homes, show homes or property to rent for as long as they need to. Their service, which is fast, easy to use, flexible and relatively cheap, is being well received by all sectors. Developers and homeowners are using their furniture to stage the homes they are trying to sell. Landlords are using their packages to better dress the properties they have for rent to attract tenants.


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