Great Solutions for Craft Projects with Quality Affordable Gingham Fabric

England – 18/01/2012 – You can buy quality gingham material online now for all your craft and clothes design projects.

Gingham fabric is a wonderful material that can be used for all kinds of home projects. This medium-weight attractive polycotton fabric features a distinctive check pattern.  This is achieved by plain weaving yarn in both wrap and filling techniques.  You can buy gingham fabric online now in a variety of different colours and check square sizes.  The word gingham is thought to originate from the Malay word ‘genggang’ which means ‘striped’.

Great Uses for Gingham Fabrics

Gingham is a versatile fabric that can be used in a whole host of projects.  Because it is blended from both cotton and man-made fibre (polyester) it is lightweight, strong and durable.  This is also an affordable material that is popular for use in many different kinds of crafts projects.  Gingham fabric is commonly used for children’s clothing.  School dresses in particular are made from gingham.  This material is also popular for kitchen crafts.

Gingham has a bright, bold pattern that looks wonderful in domestic settings.  It is often used for table clothes and napkins and also to add a decorative finish to homemade jams, chutneys and pickle.  Gingham is a popular craft material and you will often find it used for decoration on home crafts such as quilting. Gingham fabric can also be used to add a country chic touch to interiors throughout the home and looks great as an accent feature in rooms.  A few colourful gingham cushions or drapes can brighten up interiors and create a country feel to living spaces.

When using gingham fabric for your projects consider the effects you want to achieve.  Red check gingham is very bold and will create a powerful impact when used as a feature in your projects.  If you want something a little more muted then there are also some lovely green and blue checks available.  Larger squares will look great on bedding and drapes but the effects could be lost on smaller projects. If you are making ribbons or small cushions then smaller checks would have more impact.

If you need gingham fabric for your projects then you should go online.  This is a fast and easy way for you to order the check size, colour and length of fabric you need.  Find quality affordable gingham now at UK Fabrics Online.  With fast delivery and easy online ordering this is a great way for you to get the fabric you need for your home projects.


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