CONTRARY to popular belief, getting a cow to lick your scalp will not help your hair grow back.

This, along with a number of other hair-related myths, are commonplace but when it comes to real solutions for hair loss, most people are unsure of their options.

Lucas Sojka, hair loss expert and managing director of hair integration specialists Hair Solved, said women are often misled by popularly believed myths and turn to unproven methods to deal with female hair loss.

He added: “Myths about hair loss are innumerable. From people fearing using hair products because they can cause hair loss to reducing the amount of time they wear hats as it adds tension to your scalp, many of these are illogical as well as inaccurate.

“It is true that the number of hair follicles reduces in early 30s and with ageing, hair becomes finer. Excessive dying, blow drying and styling your hair can cause hair loss in the short-term but this is quickly replaced. Heat damage alone would not cause permanent hair loss.”

From standing on your head to increase circulation to brushing or massaging your scalp, neither method will lead to hair regrowth but Lucas said wearing a wig is not an option for everyone.

“We’ve all heard the horror stories about wigs shifting out of place during business meetings or being blown off in the wind. Hairpieces have come on a long way in recent years but for some it is not a long-term solution,” he added.

“It is important those suffering from hair loss seek advice from their GP who will be able to recommend routes forward as well as identifying the conditions or treatment which has resulted in the loss.”

Lucas is managing director of Hair Solved, which helps hundreds of women who suffer from hair loss for all kinds of reasons each year by using a hair extension system which combines hair extensions and mesh attached to the scalp.


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Background on Hair Solved

Hair Solved has developed one of today’s most innovative solutions for female hair loss, one which can change your life forever.

If you suffer from any form of hair loss – alopecia, genetic thinning, trichotillomania (hair pulling), even hair loss caused by chemotherapy or an accident –  Hair Solved can help you.

Our unique and advanced technique of non-surgical hair integration can be used with any existing length of hair. Hair Solved can transform the appearance of even the most severe condition to help you regain your confidence and enjoy a new lease of life.


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