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England 17/08/2012- Nutricia Nutrition become involved in rewarding and supporting professional carers

Nutricia Nutrition sell their specialist medical nutrition products to hospitals and care homes. As a result, the company has a lot of day-to-day contact with thousands of the UK’s care professionals. This daily contact gives Nutricia a deep understanding of the challenges carers face and the hard work they do. Therefore, when Nutricia were asked if they were interested in getting involved with The Great British Care Awards they jumped at the chance to do so.

Awards are a great way of recognising people for their hard work. They also help to raise standards and encourage people involved in the care industry to strive for excellence. Recognising someone’s hard work is fantastic for them, and it helps them to strive to achieve even more. In addition, it encourages those around them to strive to achieve more as well. The entire workforce can see that hard work pays and brings good results.

Why Nutricia Nutrition products are a vital tool for health professionals

The health industry is increasingly aware of the importance of nutrition when it comes to managing a huge range of conditions including diverticulitis, arthritis and even dementia. A good balance of nutrients gives the body the best chance to fight or cope with disease.

A patient who is suffering from chronic illness usually goes through periods of time where eating a normal healthy diet is not possible. Sometimes not being able to eat properly or digest normal food fully is a symptom of their condition. In other cases, because of repeated operations or medical procedures they spend weeks at a time unable to eat enough to maintain good nutrition. In many cases people with chronic diseases suffer from side effects related to the drugs they are taking that affect their digestive system. Nutricia has nutritional products that deal with all of these issues.

However, the team at Nutricia Nutrition does not just develop and produce nutritional products they offer support in other ways. They actively encourage health professionals to give them feedback about their products and tell them about products they would like to see available in the future. There is also a helpline, manned by registered dieticians and nutritionists, available to provide additional support.


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