ISC Medical Offer ‘Teach the Teachers’ Course

London, United Kingdom (14 January 2011) – ISC Medical, one of the country’s leading providers of medical interviews and interview skills consultancy services, are now offering a medical teaching course designed to equip doctors with the essential skills necessary to teach junior colleagues.

The two-day teaching course for doctors, designed by personal development coaching field experts, will offer medical professionals the opportunity to learn the best practices for presenting and teaching their peers and colleagues. As one of the most popular medical teaching courses in the UK, ISC Medical believe that this course is a comprehensive one likely to assist the NHS to a great extent.

Indeed, with the recent introduction of the European Working Time Directive in Medicine (EWTD) recently, which has seen medical teaching affected badly due to a reduction in doctors’ working hours; and the deadline to acquire foundation status set for 2014 – forcing NHS trusts to operate as stand-alone businesses, less time will be available for medical teaching whilst emphasis becomes placed more on becoming efficient enough to deal with the same amount of medical responsibilities during shorter working hours.

“Although it would seem that it may become possible to opt-out from the EWTD, this is not an outcome that doctors will be able to rely on It is still very important that NHS trusts prepare themselves as much as possible and invest time and funds into training their doctors adequately,” commented ISC Medical Managing Director, Olivier Picard. “By taking an interactive ‘teach the teachers’-style teaching course for doctors, however, NHS trusts can ensure that doctors are able to learn the skills necessary to successfully pass on their knowledge to other colleagues and peers in an efficient and effective way. You can book to take this course with us for up to twelve participants at a time, so you can easily start investing in the future of your trust today rather than tomorrow.”

For more information about ISC Medical Interview Skills Consulting and their services, visit their website at or call 0845 226 9487 between 8:30am and 8:30pm.

About ISC Medical:

ISC Medical is the UK’s longest established company specialising in medical interview courses, medical CV writing, and medical personal development courses for all grades, including medical school entry, FY, CT/ST, GPST, consultants, and GP posts. They provide a personal service and insist on running all courses in smaller groups, enabling their trainers to accommodate for the individual needs of each client.


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