Holiday Makers Enjoying Pet Friendly Cottages Cornwall and Beyond

Pet Friendly Cottages

England 17/11/2012- There are quite a few pet-friendly cottages in Cornwall, which means more people are enjoying true family holidays

In the UK, most people view their pets as part of the family, which is why they hate to leave them behind when they go away. When they hear about pet-friendly cottages in Cornwall they are thrilled. It is a chance to take their beloved pets with them on holiday and to take them to what is a spectacular part of the country.

As well as the pleasure of having your pets with you there are other advantages to pet-friendly holidays. There are no kennel fees to pay to give the family a little extra spending money. Holiday homeowners who allow pets tend to be the ones who will go the extra mile for their guests. They want everyone to be happy, so you generally get a very good level of accommodation when you stay in this kind of accommodation.

There is also peace of mind. If a pet is with the family, no one is worried about how they are being looked after. Everyone can relax and have a good time.

The choice is getting better
Fortunately, the choice of accommodation available to pet lovers is getting better all the time. Where a few brave holiday homeowners led a couple of decades ago many others have now followed.

The current tough trading climate has also played a role. In order to stand out from the crowd and appeal to as broad a customer base as possible holiday homeowners have had to offer something more. Letting owners bring their pets is certainly one way to do both things.

The Pet-Friendly Cottage Company has been finding pet-friendly cottages in Cornwall for people from across the UK for many years now. Over that time they have seen demand soar. Fortunately, they have also seen availability soar and today they can find pet owners beautiful cottages in most parts of the UK including The Cotswolds, Devon, Dorset, The Isle of Wight as well as Wales, and Scotland.

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