20/11/2012 – The Cluster Virtual Office is a low cost business solution for small businesses that are looking for an affordable office solution.

The Cluster is a Melbourne based office space which offers small businesses, entrepreneurs and creative types to set up business without the astronomical costs which come with renting office space.

The Cluster Virtual Office gives clients access to a range of the most important business services without, the added expense. Choosing a virtual office at The Cluster can give small businesses an air of authority and respectability, without huge expenditure, which means that they can run their business for much less.

The Cluster virtual office packages are available to suit all budgets. The Cluster claims that they are able to tailor packages to suit the requirements of each of their customers, no matter what they may be.

Virtual office packages can be as simple as an email and call forwarding service to use of meeting rooms within the building, depending on the requirements of a business. Services start from as little as $15 which makes them one of the most competitively prices virtual office spaces in Australia. The company have said that their virtual office packages are the best in terms of price and quality and customer satisfaction is at the heart of what they do.

Anyone who is interested in virtual office packages will be happy to know that a long term commitment is not needed and services can be added or removed as and when needed, creating a truly flexible business solution.

About The Cluster:
The Cluster office in Melbourne has a friendly and creative atmosphere. It is a place where entrepreneurs can come together, share ideas and create the products and services of the future. It is also a place where small businesses can access the office based services they require, without having to spend a huge amount of their budget to do so.
The Cluster is the perfect place for web based companies to make their home and is also the ideal solution for companies who are looking for virtual office space at competitive prices.

Level 10, 50 Market St
Melbourne 3000
Tel: 03 9008 5980
Email: Info@thecluster.com.au
Website: https://thecluster.com.au/index/virtual-office.php