Hydroponics Comes of Age

England – 16/03/2012 -Hydroponics continues to grow in popularity with everyone

If, a few years ago you had said hydroponics is the future you would have been laughed out of the room especially if you had said it in front of a room of farmers. Now most of them will actually agree with you. In the past decade or so hydroponics, and its image, have come a long way. It is now a form of agriculture that is taken seriously by farmers, food suppliers and producers alike. Even governments are showing an interest in this relatively new industry.

Gone are the days when people thought of hydroponics or hydroculture as being experimental, as something that was developed as part of the space race. A perception that has always been wrong. People have been growing plants without soil as far back as the 1600s. However, despite this fact hydroponics got quite a bad rap. It was mostly viewed as a niche agricultural technique for use only in extreme circumstances.

That all changed when commercial greenhouse farmers began to use the technique and produced huge yields as a result. Prior to that only seedlings were produced on a commercial scale using soilless growing techniques. Now most scientists agree that the farms of the future will be mainly hydroponic and that farming will increasingly take place year round under cover in a perfectly controlled environment.

Hobby hydroponics is growing in popularity too

As well as the commercial market for hydroponics, growing so is the hobby market. More and more peoople are growing their own food, and are looking for ways to produce the vegetables they like year round rather than just for a few months of the year. The availability of small grow tents and grow lights is making this a viable proposition.

My Hydroponics has been selling hydroponics supplies and equipment on-line for many years now and have seen demand from both sectors soar. Advances in hydroponics, such as automatic feed systems, new growing mediums and the availability of high yield seeds have helped to make hydroponics viable for everyone. Increased demand is producing economies of scale, which in turn is bringing the price of equipment down.


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