West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (March 09, 2011) – Ideas-4-Pets, a leading UK-based online supplier of quality pet housing and other pet accessories, now have a vast range of high quality dog kennels and runs available, which can keep a pet healthy and happy during every season.

Ideas-4-Pets are a leading online pet store that is committed to delivering high quality pet products which are built to last. Their mission is to continually add to their range of products so their customers will find the perfect item for their pet, budget and requirements.

If a pet owner wants to ensure their dog is healthy, safe and happy throughout the year, Ideas-4-Pets believe they should consider purchasing a dog kennel and dog run, and that there is no better time to make a purchase than during the spring, when the weather starts to become milder. Ideas-4-Pets can supply their customers with a range of dog runs which can provide dogs with a safe area to enjoy the outdoors without the fear of them escaping from a garden. Also, by placing an outdoor dog kennel inside of the dog run, a pet can choose to retire to a safe and comfortable environment which can provide them with warmth in the colder seasons and shade during the summer.

Sue Lloyd, co-partner of Ideas-4-Pets, commented: “Here at Ideas-4-Pets we understand the importance of a pets health and safety when outdoors, which is why we offer an extensive range of dog kennels and dog runs which can be used during every season. As our products are incredibly durable, our customers can rest assured that our dog kennels and dog runs will last for many years to come and can withstand all climate conditions.”

For more information on Ideas-4-Pets and their dog kennels and dog runs, visit their website at http://www.ideas-4-pets.com/ or telephone 01274 562204.

About Ideas-4-Pets:
Since they began trading in 2003, Ideas-4-Pets have grown to become one of the largest online retailers of pet housing. They specialise in supplying high quality dog kennels, dog cages, dog beds, parrot cages, rabbit hutches, chicken coops and many other pet products at affordable prices, hand in hand with pet care advice and information to enable pet owners, to provide a practical and safe environment for their pets.

Contact details:
John Lloyd
Burley House
West Yorkshire
BD16 3PD

Tel: 01274 562204
Email: pr@clickconsult.com