Thermoprotect Frost Protection Items Now Available from Plumbclick

Essex, United Kingdom, (25 January, 2011) – Plumbclick, a leading online supplier of plumbing supplies, have recently added a new range of Thermoprotect frost protection items to their website.

Plumbclick is now offering the Thermoprotect Pipe Frost Protection Kit – in EZ, PRO and Xtra models – to their website as part of their efforts to help plumbers stock up on products for their clients during the colder months. These products are heating cables designed to be wrapped around exterior or vulnerable liquid-carrying pipes to prevent them from freezing up in the winter.

They are available in various lengths to suit different environments, and come complete with an integral thermostat. Thermoprotect uses very low amounts of energy and only operates at temperatures below 5°C, which makes it a particularly economical and environmentally-friendly solution.

“Every year in the UK, sub zero temperatures cause pipes to freeze and burst, which causes costly damage for homeowners and businesses alike,” commented a spokesperson for Plumbclick. “Thermoprotect stops pipes from freezing and keeps the water flowing, as these heating cables have been specifically designed for protecting metal piping against low temperatures. These versatile products are therefore essential for any plumbers intent on being prepared for their clients’ heating and pipe issues this winter.”

For more information on Plumbclick and their range of Thermoprotect products, visit their website at or telephone 0844 8000 932.

About Plumbclick:

Plumbclick is an Essex based independent online plumbing service, providing plumbing supplies such as boilers, heated towel rails, shower pumps, water heaters and more. They have a variety of plumbing apparatus styles which can be incorporated into modern and traditional bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens.


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