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West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (19 November 2010) – Ideas-4-Pets, a leading UK-based online supplier of quality pet housing and other pet accessories, have an extensive collection of dog grooming products that are available to purchase from their online store.

Dog grooming is essential for ensuring a pet is healthy, happy, and presentable.  Dogs that are cared for on a regular basis will have a healthier coat and this process can help build a strong relationship between an owner and their pet as it is a great way of giving dog attention whilst checking its general health.  Dog grooming also helps to prevent skin and ear infections from being undetected and is also a good time to check teeth and weight. All dog owners should ensure they regularly brush their dog’s hair, trim their nails and give their canine regular dog baths. Ideas-4-Pets is a popular online supplier of high-quality dog grooming products and can provide a comprehensive range of dog clippers, dog grooming tables, and dog weighing scales.

Ideas-4-Pets is dedicated to providing high-quality pet products that are affordable and competitive. They are a reputable supplier of pet care products to the Police Force, RSPCA, Ministry of Defence, and more. Their mission is to provide an extensive array of products that can meet their customers’ demands and budgets.

Sue Lloyd, a co-partner of Ideas-4-Pets, commented: “Here at Ideas-4-Pets we are committed to providing high-quality pet products to our customers to ensure their pets live happy lives. We have extensive knowledge of pet care, so our customers can be sure our dog grooming products are reliable and safe for their pets. We continually add to our range of dog clippers, pet weighing scales, and dog grooming tables to ensure our customers have a wide selection of choices. We believe pets should be cared for with the best products on the market, which is why we are extremely proud of our affordable dog grooming products.”

For more information on Ideas-4-Pets and their dog grooming products, visit their website at or telephone 01274 562204.

About Ideas-4-Pets:

Since they began trading in 2003, Ideas-4-Pets has grown to become one of the largest online retailers of pet housing. They specialize in supplying high-quality dog kennels, dog cages, dog beds, parrot cages, rabbit hutches, chicken coops, and many other pet products at affordable prices, hand in hand with pet care advice and information to enable pet owners, to provide a practical and safe environment for their pets.



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John Lloyd

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West Yorkshire

BD16 3PD

Tel: 01274 562204

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