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Naturelle Foot Pads

Kempston, United Kingdom (19 November 2010) –, a leading UK online supplier of natural beauty products, now stock innovative Detox Naturelle Foot Pads, which use the principles of foot reflexology to detoxify the body.

Toxins are capable of causing harm to the human body, and are mainly absorbed from pollution but can also be found in some foods and drinks.  The foot pads contain natural extracts which absorb toxins through the 7,000 nerve endings on the sole of the foot, drawing the toxins out through the epidermal layer.

The pads are designed to be placed on the feet at bedtime, and then draw the toxins and waste matter out through the night, leaving the body with an increase in energy levels, a reduction in aches and pains, an increased metabolism as well as weight loss. For significant detoxification, the pads should be worn for five nights, during which the pads will go to work relieving the body of unnecessary chemicals.

“In modern cities, the human body absorbs many toxins which can be potentially harmful, and with people being more aware of healthy living now more than ever, this can cause concern,” says Ben Williams, speaking for “Our Detox Naturelle Foot Pads can rejuvenate the body and leave it feeling energized and healthy, using only natural ingredients to effectively strip the body of anything negative. Much is written about the hidden dangers lurking in heavily-processed foods, and of how polluted our air is, so we are pleased to offer people this natural body care treatment to ease their body and mind.”

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