Injury Lawyer Service, Thompsons, Helps Consumers Win The Compensation They Deserve

Edinburgh, United Kingdom, January 31st 2012 – Being involved in an accident, whether it is a workplace or road traffic accident, can lead to serious financial losses, at a time when many families and individuals are already struggling to make ends meet. It is important that the individual is afforded the opportunity to get back to good health without having to worry about providing for their family and without having to worry over the prospect of losing a job or losing earnings.

Injury lawyer Thompsons provide personal injury guidance and assistance to their clients and the award winning compensation claims company win their clients more than £1m every single week in compensation. They advise on whether clients should accept initial settlement figures or whether a larger figure can be obtained by going to court. AS well as offering a free initial consultation to determine the viability of a case, they also offer a full and transparent no win no fee service that has helped them win numerous awards within the injury lawyer industry.

One of the most recent personal injury cases to hit the headlines is that of female patients that have been fitted with PIP breast implants. The implants have been found to be more dangerous than other brands and women across the world are seeking compensation. Thompsons can help clients to first determine whether they have a feasible case for claiming and how much they should be seeking from that claim.

Thompsons Solicitors is a leading, award winning personal injury specialist. They offer advice and assistance on any form of personal injury from car and work related accidents to industrial illnesses and, more specifically, to PIP implant compensation cases. Visit for more details on the exact services that they offer or contact them to discuss your case individually.


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