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London, United Kingdom (July 05, 2010) – Innovate CV, London-based specialists who aim to turn the recruitment world on its head through innovation and dynamic employment methods, comment on the apparent lack of preparation universities are offering students for their working lives.

As recruitment experts, specializing in constructing an effective online resume for their clients, Innovate CV has strong connections within many working sectors. Current feedback from many employers however seems to suggest that many are disgruntled with the lack of basic skills being exhibited by those applying for jobs, feeling they lack polish in areas such as grammar, communication skills, and self-management.

As well as improving on these skills, employers feel that universities could be doing more to help students integrate better into the real world, such as helping them network with regional and national employers. Feedback wasn’t all negative though – many commented on the success of Liverpool John Moores University’s ‘World of Work’ program which helps students to brush up on their work-focused skills, earning them a diploma upon successful completion which can help them catch an employer’s eye.

“The World of Work certificate does sound like it will turn a good CV into a great CV, but from our understanding, it is certainly true that more students are graduating without knowledge of basic core skills such as communication and poise,” commented Adam Lewis, COO of Innovate CV. “Britain’s universities are institutions, and it would be a disaster to think that so much potential is falling through the net for these reasons. It’s true that all degrees vary, from the business-focused to the wildly creative. But unless lecturers and university heads focus on the basics, most students will have a much harder time than they need learning for themselves exactly what is required to make it in the real working world.”

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