Interest in Holistic Dentistry is Growing In The UK

England 20/08/2012- A few years ago, most people had heard of holistic dentistry. Today, it is very much in demand.

Holistic dentistry is a modern approach to dentistry that is changing the way patients view their dentist. It is a relatively new approach to dentistry. Holistic dentists help people to deal with health problems as well as fix their teeth.

Dentists who treat people holistically treat their patient as a whole. They take into account their general health. This includes their mental and emotional state as well as their physical health.

Ongoing research is increasingly showing that there are considerable health benefits to maintaining a healthy mouth. It has recently been proved that some heart diseases are more prevalent in patients suffering from periodontitis. This very common infection can be spotted and treated by an experienced dentist. Holistic dentists know this and make sure their patients understand the connection and complete treatment to protect their general health as well as their oral health.

Some kinds of migraine headaches can be eased with the help of a dentist. They look at the way the jaw is aligned and work out if resetting the teeth can help to reduce the frequency of these crippling headaches.

Holistic dentists are far less likely to use amalgam fillings because of the possible long-term impact this could have on the body. Many offer removal of amalgam fillings.

Holistic dentistry helps those who are nervous of the dentist

All dentists are aware that many patients are still afraid of the dentist and sometimes will not visit a dentist because of it. However, few do very much to actively help nervous patients to cope better. They try to calm them using words alone, but for very nervous patients this approach is usually not effective.

Experienced holistic dental surgeries like Sutcliffe Dental take a more pro-active approach. Sutcliffe Dental refers some of their patients to a local acupuncturist to help their patients to relax prior to appointments. Some of their patients are referred to the acupuncturist to help them with postoperative recovery. The team are always looking for new alternatives to treat their patients. Recently, they have had a lot of success with using Propolis to treat mouth ulcers and other infections. Their holistic approach is increasingly leading to a more natural approach to dentistry.

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