ISC Medical Comments as Draft Register for NHS Reforms Leaks to Media

London, United Kingdom, (30th March, 2012) – One of the country’s leading providers of medical interviews and interview skills consultancy services, ISC Medical, comments on the recently-leaked draft version of a risk register on the Health and Social Care Bill.

For many weeks the government has refused to publish the risk register it set up as part of the consultation process for the Health and Social Care Bill, which was passed recently. On 27th March, a draft version of that register was leaked to the media by an unknown source.

Some of the higher impact and likelihood risks included:

  • A loss of financial control. The register said: “Financial control is lost due to the restructuring of budgets distributed between or allocated to organisations within the system”.
  • Costs being driven up by GP consortia using private sector organisations and staff. The draft register revealed that “costs to the overall system” would be added if “GP Consortia makes use of private sector organisations/staff”.
  • Poorer preparation and response to health emergencies. The reforms are slated to impact the NHS’ role in “emergency responsiveness”, and will make it “more difficult to manage [emergencies] through a more devolved organisation”.

Though such risks may be seen as common sense by those who refused to back the Bill, it is now down to those running the healthcare system to ensure that those risks are minimised.

Olivier Picard, MD of ISC Medical, commented: “We offer a medical management and leadership course which is specifically designed around the NHS’ medical and clinical competency frameworks. This will allow doctors to learn how to manage these potential risks and understand the reforms in more depth.

“We are also offering those affected by the Health and Social Care Bill the opportunity to come and discuss with us the potential implications of the reforms, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any concerns.”

For more information about ISC Medical’s medical courses, visit or call 0845 226 9487 between 8:30am and 8:30pm.

About ISC Medical:

ISC Medical is one of the UK’s longest-established companies specialising in medical interview courses, medical CV writing, and medical personal development courses, including teach the teacher courses, for all grades medical school entry, FY, CT/ST, GPST, consultants, and GP posts. They provide a personal service and insist on running all courses in smaller groups, enabling their trainers to accommodate for the individual needs of each client.


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