Laura Blane from Thompsons Scotland is voted Specialist Lawyer of the Year

England 10/08/2012 – Thompsons Scotland won multiple awards at the 2012 Scott + Co Legal Awards

Anyone looking for a lawyer is naturally drawn to the best in the business, so a firm that wins multiple awards can expect to see their workload increase drastically in the near future.  In recent years, Thompsons Scotland has found themselves in that situation not once, but twice. In 2012, they won two awards at the Scott + Co legal awards. As well as Laura Blane’s award for her work, fighting industrial disease claims, they won the Litigation Firm of the Year award.

2011, was also a multiple award winning for this prestigious Scottish legal team. That year they won three awards. They were awarded The Law Awards of Scotland’s Litigation Firm of the Year award and were voted as the Employment Firm of the Year. In addition, they won the Firm of the Year at the Scott + Co Scottish Legal awards.

They are a firm that has strived for excellence right from the start and consequently they have already won awards in 2009 and 2010.

Lawyers at the firm really want to make a difference as well as win their individual cases. They strive to win cases in a way that helps to change case law and make sure that things are fairer for other people who find themselves in similar situations in the future. Laura Blane’s work demonstrates perfectly just how successfully the firm has been in doing this.

Laura Blane a lawyer who really has made a difference

Laura started her career with Thompsons Scotland as a trainee solicitor, in 2002. She progressed quickly and took over responsibility for the team responsible for medical claims relating to lung diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis. An area of litigation the firm has had great success in. Laura recently worked as the acting solicitor in two asbestos related cases taken to the Appeal in the Court of Session. The result of her approach to the case secured a much higher level of compensation for her clients.

This will help thousands of others to win more compensation as well. She also provided legal advice and support to Bill Butler MSP, which helped him to get the Damages (Scotland) Act 2011 approved by parliament.


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