Learner Drivers Use the Web to Shop Around for the Best Deals

Learner Drivers

England 08/03/2013 – The UK’s learner drivers are using resources they find on the internet to keep the cost of learning to drive as low as possible

Learning to drive has never been cheap. As far back as the late 70s, a two-hour lesson cost between £18 and £30. Today, the cost is £36 to £50 for a two-hour lesson. Relative to inflation the cost of lessons has not risen at all. However, that does not mean that learning to drive has become any more affordable. Money is tight in many households, so finding the cash for lessons is as tough as it ever was. Driving schools in Manchester and the rest of the UK have noticed for some time that people are leaving it later and later to learn to drive.

The average age of their students has risen steadily over the past decade. Several factors have caused this, but in the past four or five years, the main reason given for delaying learning to drive is the cost of lessons.

However, that does not mean that youngsters no longer want to learn to drive. The desire to do so is still very much there. Every 17-year-old wants to learn to drive and their parents often cannot wait for them to pass their test so that they can stop acting as a taxi service for them.

Increasingly, families are turning to the internet to help them to find lessons for their 17-year-olds. They are researching each of the driving schools in their area to find the best deals and negotiate lesson packages that are within their budgets.

A one-stop shop
The team at Way2Drive realized that this was happening and saw an opportunity. They are working to be a one-stop shop for those who are looking for driving lessons. As well as providing area-specific details of driving schools, they provide advice and support to learner drivers. Their blog delivers tips and hints to help learner drivers to find the best lessons and to pass their tests as quickly as possible.

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