Limited Company Formation Can Offer A Way Out Of Financial Woes

London, UK September 18th 2012 – High unemployment and financial recession means that many individuals are in troubling and difficult financial situations. They face the very real possibility of losing the family home and mounting up serious amounts of debt but with so few jobs available there appears to be little light at the end of the tunnel. However, some proactive individuals have turned to limited company formation as a viable and beneficial means of avoiding major financial problems.

Setting up a company is not necessarily a difficult task and new legislation released by the government at the beginning of 2012 aims to make it simpler. However, it will be necessary to use a company formation service who will handle with all aspects of the registration from drawing up the relevant documents to helping establish a business bank account. There will be challenges ahead for the new business owner but by having the right team to hand it is possible to improve the chances of success.

Setting up a new company means deciding on the type of company form to take. Companies may be limited by shares or guarantee, or they may be public limited companies. What’s more, the new business owner will have to deal with financial issues like opening a business bank account while establishing a reputation and delivering sales for their new business. With the right formation service it is possible to enjoy assistance in all of these aspects. is a company formation agent and as well as being able to deal with the legal aspects of establishing an organisation or company they also offer a range of additional services. New businesses can receive cash back for opening a business bank account while it is possible to enjoy business training or the use of a business address.


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