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Devon, United Kingdom (25 June 2010) – Mailbox Nationwide, leading UK leaflet delivery and flyer distribution specialist, are now taking bookings for customers’ Christmas campaigns and is advising interested parties to book their services as soon as possible.

Summer is drawing to a close which means, for many, the next big event to look forward to is Christmas 2010. For retailers, it is a busy time as they start to prepare their catalogues and produce listings, and distribute them to people so that they know what products and services they can best make use of to have a wonderful Christmas season.

For many businesses – especially local ones – their main method of advertisement will be flyer delivery and distribution across their own neighbourhoods to increase awareness and boost their sales potential. Mailbox Nationwide can take this responsibility off a company’s shoulders by putting in place a flyer and leaflet delivery programme that covers large areas and will raise awareness of their brand.

“For quite a few people it may seem odd to start talking about the Christmas holidays, but for many retailers, this is a crucial time in their preparations. The earlier they start preparing and organising their advertising, the better their chances are of having a successful Christmas,” commented a spokesperson for Mailbox Nationwide. “Flyer delivery is a key way of increasing brand awareness, especially in densely-populated local areas. We are only too happy to assist clients in their leaflet drops and advise people to start booking their Christmas campaigns as soon as possible.”

For more information about Mailbox Nationwide’s range of flyer and leaflet delivery services please visit or call 01395 232868.

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Mailbox Nationwide is one of the largest independently owned leaflet distribution companies in the United Kingdom. Mailbox Nationwide delivers to all areas of the United Kingdom when distributing clients’ flyers and leaflets through the use of mosaic demographic profiling. Mailbox Nationwide has a variety of distribution methods including Solus Leaflet Distribution and Shared Leaflet Distribution.

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