London Home Counties Helps Protect Properties From Rising Damp

London, UK June 13th 2012 – London Home Counties provides damp proofing and other waterproofing services to properties throughout London and the surrounding areas. Such services can enable property owners to recover from the damage caused by rising damp and other damp problems. It is possible that damp is causing health problems for members of a household but with long lasting and effective damp proofing it is possible to protect against such illnesses and problems. London Home Counties is an experienced, leading provider of damp proofing.

Rising damp is a fairly common problem especially in older homes. While modern homes are typically built with effective damp proofing installed, older homes may have no damp proof course included or the damp proof barrier may have become so badly damaged that it no longer offers any kind of beneficial protection. Damp proofing provides an additional layer of protection around a home and can be installed between walls or on both sides of the wall depending on the conditions and features of a home.

If the earth outside a building is allowed to rest or lean against the exterior of the property this enables moisture to be passed from the earth into the walls. This then, in turn, transfers to the interior of the property and causes telltale damp patches, a musty smell, the possible corrosion of the wooden structure, and even health problems for those residents that live within the damp walls. Damp proofing can help prevent this.  is a leading and well respected provider of damp proofing offering services to property and home owners throughout London and the surrounding counties. As well as damp proofing installation and maintenance, they also offer basement waterproofing and a range of other essential waterproofing options. Visit for more information or to request a no obligation quote.


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