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24/05/2012 – Chinos are lightweight, stylish pants that are great to wear in warm weather. They are the ultimate smart casual clothing item and they look flattering on both men and women. Not only are they chic and professional looking, these trousers are also extremely comfortable.

When you buy any two men’s casual trousers from AustinReed.co.uk, you will save 25%. This means that you can look your best for even less, saving you your hard earned money.

What is Chino Cloth?

Have you ever wondered where this extremely comfortable fabric comes from and what it is made of? Chino cloth is a twill fabric which was historically made from 100% cotton, but is also made today from cotton-synthetic blends. This fabric was originally worn in the mid-19th century in the British and French military and it was invented when the British Army was stationed in India.

The army officers found that their troops needed a cooler and more lightweight fabric to wear in the hot subtropical climate of India. Harry Burnett Lumsden dyed his cotton pyjama pants with plant extract to make them the right colour to blend in with the surrounding terrain. The word “khaki” is the local Hindu word for this dusty beige colour.

Dozens of Styles to Choose From

When most people think of chinos they picture trousers in the characteristic original “khaki” colour. However chinos don’t have to be “khaki” coloured and they can come in almost every colour, shape and size imaginable. At AustinReed.co.uk you can choose from taupe, navy, black, stone and even “air force blue”. There are also chinos in bright jewel-toned hues for the ladies, such as purple, cobalt blue and berry. These pretty coloured chinos are perfect for summertime!


Now you can find high quality chinos for less at AustinReed.co.uk. They offer a great selection of styles and colours for both men and ladies. This online UK clothing retailer prides itself on offering stylish clothing online at great prices so that you can order your fashions from home and have them delivered to your door.

With so many great styles and colours to choose from and a 25% discount offer, AustinReed.co.uk is the place to buy these comfortable and stylish trousers.


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