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England – 15/5/2012 – Irresistible, energy-efficient vacuums for tomorrow’s home

Hoover’s GreenRay range of vacuum cleaners are as impressive to look at as they are to use and for those looking to make an investment that will bring magic to their homes whilst making a positive contribution to the planet in the process are encouraged to find out more. The vacuum cleaners make use of technology that doesn’t compromise on suction even when using half the energy of traditional cleaners. The motors are extremely powerful and the air path design is as flawless as you would expect from the iconic brand. Hoover are so synonymous with vacuum cleaners that many forget their gargantuan reputation across the whole spectrum of domestic appliances, and with their GreenRay range of models, they continue to make the world a better place.

The GreenRay Range from Hoover is a diverse mix of models and incorporates upright and cylinder cleaners, with both bagged and bagless models available. The patented technology at play is advanced enough to ensure that there is no loss of suction despite the energy-efficiency incorporated into the machines, and with the minimal filter maintenance that comes with the models, they’re easy to maintain too – perfect for those who like to keep their homes clean with a minimum of fuss. Dust doesn’t stand a chance when faced with the GreenRay range, and what’s more is that when a customer invests in a GreenRay vacuum cleaner, they receive eight free bags too – equating to a year’s supply based on average domestic vacuum cleaner use.

Still synonymous with the worlds of vacuum cleaning and invention

Of course, with an energy-efficient vacuum cleaner, it’s not just a vast positive contribution to the environment that’s being made but a potential wealth of savings too. Vacuum cleaners can be very demanding when it comes to electricity, so enjoy a great looking vacuum cleaner with a wonderfully attractive design alongside high-end functionality. With extreme power when it comes to capturing and eradicating allergens, the models are brilliant for your health too. When you think ‘vacuum cleaners’, think Hoover.


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