Manchester Web Design Firm Works With NHS

England 14/08/2012- The Fluid Digital Manchester web design team designs the London NHS Trust’s Outstanding Achievement Awards website

Fluid Digital the well-known Manchester web design firm has, over the years, worked on numerous high profile projects. They started out nearly 13 years ago working on small websites for individual firms. Slowly but surely, they learnt how to come up with bright bold websites which engaged potential customers and led them deeper into their client’s sites. They were soon noticed by larger firms, such as, Labs Ltd, Russell and Russell and Bow Square Limited whom they have all built websites for.

In time, they began working for event organisers and built websites for companies such as Plan Events Management and Don’t Panic Events. Around the same time, they realised that there was a growing market coming from the award ceremony sector. As a result, they began to target this growing market. They quickly came up with innovative layouts for award ceremonies sites. Recently, they have built sites for Northern Marketing Awards and the European Research Awards.

This work drew the attention of the NHS. The NHS uses many different kinds of websites. Some are designed to help patients to find their way around the NHS system and to get medical advice. However, in addition, the NHS uses websites to share information with staff internally. They have recently launched a series of awards to encourage their staff to excel and take a more innovative approach.

Each NHS trust has approached this in a different way. In Central London, they are giving out outstanding achievement awards. They turned to Fluid Digital to build the award website to explain the concept of the award system to staff members and encourage them to participate.

Fluid Digital expands into print

As well as producing the website, itself Fluid Digital was asked by the Central London NHS trust to produce supporting printed material. For the Fluid Digital team this was a relatively new challenge. However, their strong design background enabled them to easily achieve fantastic results both in print and on the website. For the company this project has been a particularly interesting one because it has taken them into new areas of design and marketing.


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