AwesomeBooks Announce Mega Summer Sale

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom (31st July, 2012) – AwesomeBooks, a leading online retailer of new and used books, have launched their summer sale for July and August 2012.

Throughout the summer this year, AwesomeBooks will discount their entire collection of books by as much as 35% from their already-reduced prices.

In particular, the largest discounts will be given in the travel reading and travel guide sections, as AwesomeBooks find that customers are looking for quick reads for pleasure of reference before going on holiday. Lonely Planet, Rough Guides Series and DK Eyewitness guides are AwesomeBooks’ bestsellers in the travel category throughout July and August.

Many ‘travel reads’ – which people take with them to the beach or read on plane journeys – are also popular at this time of year; with many fiction and non-fiction titles heavily discounted.

A spokesperson for AwesomeBooks commented: “Customers can find all these discounted books in our ‘bargain bin’, which is refreshed daily, and where books can be purchased from just £2.49 with free delivery. If customers are in a rush, we also have expedited delivery options, so you can get the books you want even if you decide to book a last minute holiday.”

For more information on AwesomeBooks and their new and used books, visit their website at or telephone 0845 467 0512.

About AwesomeBooks:

AwesomeBooks is one of the UK’s leading new and used book retailers in the UK and can provide their customers with a magnificent collection of cheap books. This popular book provider can provide a varied selection of top fiction books for some of the bestselling titles on the market, and their industry rivals will find it hard to beat their competitive prices.


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