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England 03/07/2012- Uptake of Method Acting Classes at Brian Timoney Acting Increases

Method Acting Classes at Brian Timoney Acting have a great reputation amongst the acting fraternity. They are very popular classes with some great reviews. The classes offered by the Brian Timoney Acting School have been described by students as ‘exceptional’ and ‘the best in the country’. Many of the positive reviews come from students who have already undertaken multiple courses. They are amazed by how much extra they learn about acting and the industry on one of the schools many courses. They do not come away feeling short changed, or with just one or two tips. In many cases their view of acting and the industry as a whole is transformed by what they learn on these method acting courses.

Brian Timoney has been described as a ‘thorough, direct and passionate’ teacher. His approach of equipping actors with knowledge of the industry, and how to succeed within it as well as acting skills, is really appreciated by his students. The fact that he has worked for over 20 years as a actor, producer, director and acting coach means he knows what is needed to land parts and to succeed.

He is acutely aware that the vast majority of the world’s best actors have become such good actors by learning method acting. Brian himself learnt The Method from David Bennett who was trained by the inventor of this style of acting Lee Strasberg. This style of acting brought success to Brian and many of the other actors that he knows. 100+ of the world’s Academy Award winners were method actors, yet today only 2 or 3% of actors bother to learn this way of acting. Something Brian Timoney aims to change through his schools in London and Los Angeles.

Method Acting Classes at Brian Timoney Acting for Experienced Actors

The 3 day Ultimate Acting Programme, offered by Brian Timoney Acting is the course that seems to have won the biggest amount of praise. The course quickly familiarises students with all of the techniques they need to learn to become a Method actor and to succeed within the industry.


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