Monster Supplements Now Stocking Ronnie Coleman Signature Range

East Yorkshire, United Kingdom (03 July, 2012) – Monster Supplements, a leading online bodybuilding, sports, cheap protein supplements and creatine retailer, announce the arrival of the new Ronnie Coleman Signature range.

Ronnie Coleman is one of the biggest and best professional bodybuilders in the industry and has won Mr. Olympia eight times. He also holds the world record for the most number of wins as an IFBB professional with 26. Ronnie Coleman now has an extensive collection of sports nutrition, dietary and performance products.

Monster Supplements has recently announced the launch of the new Ronnie Coleman Signature range, which includes an array of high quality products for their customers to choose from, such as DVDs, protein drinks, creatine and more. Fans of both the bodybuilder and his products will undoubtedly be delighted with the new collection, as Monster Supplements guarantee that they won’t be beaten on price for their products.

A spokesperson for Monster Supplements commented: “Ronnie Coleman is one of the most respected bodybuilders in the industry and is sure to be an inspiration to many of our customers. We are delighted to announce the arrival of the Ronnie Coleman Signature range which we expect to be extremely popular on our website.”

For more information on Monster Supplements and the Ronnie Coleman Signature range, visit their website at or telephone 0800 107 7845.

About Monster Supplements:
Monster Supplements are one of the largest online retailers of bodybuilding supplements and muscle supplements in the UK today. Their Hull warehouse has a capacity of over 25,000ft which is home to a huge range of supplements to aid weight loss and to gain bulk. They can offer free delivery within the UK for their online products, and customers ordering online can typically save 50% when compared to high-street prices. They also offer training advice for free, either in-store or through their 24-hour helpline.

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