East Yorkshire, United Kingdom, (7th Feb 2012) – Monster Supplements, a leading online retailer of bodybuilding, sports and cheap protein supplements, has announced the launch of a new PhD Nutrition protein drink.

Whey Zero contains 40G whey protein isolate and 0.1G carbohydrates for lean muscle gains. It is an easy to digest source of protein and is almost completely free of lactose, containing no cheap milk sugars and fats associated with milk-based drinks. It is available in three great fruit flavours so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Whey Zero is perfect for serious athletes seeking a pure protein drink without simple sugars, athletes who do not want the traditional milk-based dairy drink with high lactose levels, and athletes seeking the purest protein available in a convenient single serving. It is also ideal for anyone else looking for super lean, fat free muscle.

A spokesperson for Monster Supplements said: “Whey Zero is the brand new, pure Whey Isolate fruit drink from PhD Nutrition. Perfect for the carbohydrate-conscious athlete seeking lean muscle gain, Whey Zero contains 40G Whey Protein Isolate with almost no carbs or fat. It is ideal for post exercise, pre exercise or during the day to boost your intake of quality protein. We are very excited about the launch of this product and are sure that our customers will be extremely happy with its results.”

For more information on Monster Supplements and the new PhD Nutrition Whey Zero drink, visit their website at http://monstersupplements.com/ or telephone 0800 107 7845.

About Monster Supplements:
Monster Supplements are one of the largest online retailers of bodybuilding supplements and muscle supplements in the UK today. Their Hull warehouse has a capacity of over 25,000ft which is home to a huge range of supplements to aid weight loss and to gain bulk. They can offer free delivery within the UK for their online products, and customers ordering online can typically save 50% when compared to high-street prices. They also offer training advice for free, either in-store or through their 24-hour helpline.


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