England – 18/01/2012Not only are more adults taking food supplements they are also starting to give them to their children as well

In the UK, sales of food supplements have risen steadily over the past decade or so. Some studies indicate that around 50% of the UK’s population take some kind of dietary supplement. Most of these are in the form of vitamins or minerals, but more and more consumers are taking food supplements as well. They are also giving them to their children.

In many cases parents are doing so in an effort to help their children do better at school. Many have heeded the government’s advice to ensure their children eat a good breakfast. They have read about Omega 3 and how important it is for the development of their children’s brain, and have decided to take things further and give their children natural food based supplements, as well.

Are food supplements right for children?

There are situations where a food supplement can really help a child. However, giving a child them without thinking carefully about doing so is ill advised. The health products industry constantly reminds people that supplements are not designed to replace a healthy diet. As the name suggests, these products are supplementary in nature. By ensuring that a child gets, for example, omega 3 from the food they eat rather than via a supplement helps that child to develop healthy habits for life as well as a healthy brain.

However, when a child will not, or cannot, eat any of the foods that are rich in omega 3, supplements can really help. In fact, making sure they take it as a food supplement is essential. The NHS is also looking at using food supplements as part of the treatment regime for children with learning difficulties, meaning that they think that there may be a place for supplements in some children’s lives.

Vitamin Bee sells a range of high quality food supplements, and they have seen more parents asking if they are suitable for their children. Their advice is to only give supplements to children after speaking to a GP about doing so.




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