England 22/09/2012 – In the past recycling food waste, in the UK, was difficult slowly this is changing

Food waste is not very sexy. It is something not many people really want to consider. However, how we dispose of our surplus food is important.

Re-cycling has reduced the level of rubbish going to landfill, in the UK. Last year only 50% of our trash was sent to landfill. In 2000/01, it was 89%, so things are moving in the right direction. However, there is still a long way to go and some products are not as easy to recycle as others. One of these products is food waste. In the UK, we produce over 8 million tonnes of food and drink waste every year, much of it still ends up in landfill.

There are two main types of food waste, commercial and domestic. Both of which can be re-cycled. For domestic surplus food the market is quite limited. Because this kind of waste is mixed and at various stages of decomposition none of it can be used as food. However, it can be used to produce Biogas and to make manure.

For commercial waste food there are lots of potential markets. Many manufactures already sell on some of the waste that occurs during the production of their products. However, historically the food industry has not done this very much. Slowly, but surely this is changing.

Options for food waste

There is increasing demand for commercial food waste coming from all kinds of sectors. Industrial food waste can be used for animal feed provided it is held in the right environment and this is one of the biggest markets for this kind food waste. However, it can also be used to produce BioGas and mulched down into manures or made into specialist plant foods.

Nutrafeed are a specialist waste recycling firm who work with customers, big and small, to gain zero landfill status. They can collect most forms of waste including food waste, something some other re-cycling firms cannot handle. Their approach is to provide each customer and each of their sites with a bespoke re-cycling service.


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