A Medical ID Pendant From ICE Gems Could Save Lives

Manchester, UK September 12th 2012 – Penicillin is the most widely used antibiotic. Not only does this mean that certain strains of bacteria have built up immunity to it, but it is also one of the most common allergies in the UK. The NHS reports that around 1 in 15 people will have an allergic reaction after taking or being administered the antibiotic. While the typical reaction will be less severe, a small number of sufferers will experience a severe allergic reaction that can prove life threatening.

Doctors and other healthcare professionals, including paramedics and emergency response teams should be made aware of any allergy that a person has to common drugs but this isn’t always possible. With a medical ID pendant from ICE gems it is possible to provide all of the required information even if the patient is unconscious or otherwise unable to relay their medical history and allergy information to doctors. A pendant like this really could, and often does, save the lives of those that wear them.

Patients that suffer from certain illnesses and diseases can also benefit from wearing medical ID jewellery. Pendants can be worn to show that a person suffers from diabetes or has heart problems. There are many benefits to wearing the jewellery and thanks to an increasingly large range of designs, styles, and other options, the medical ID pendant can also be a good looking, comfortable, and practical piece of jewellery that can be worn with virtually any outfit and on any occasion.

ICE Gems offers a large, online catalogue of attractive and beneficial medical ID jewellery. A medical ID pendant from ICE Gems, for example, may come in metals ranging from steel to gold and with a black, pink, or red logo ensuring that customers have a great range of choice when buying their medical jewellery.


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