Crown Cosma Clinic Appears on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies

London, UK (22nd August, 2012) – Crown Cosma Clinic, leading hair transplant and restoration specialists, have featured on Channel 4’s hit medical series, Embarrassing Bodies, with a hugely-successful case study.

Adele was born intersex. Her parents opted to raise her as a boy, and doctors operated immediately to give her the outward appearance of a male. However, she has always felt more like a female, and has travelled a long, difficult road in her transition to a woman. Over the years, she underwent testosterone therapy, which caused her hair to thin on her crown. As Adele was unable to secure assistance in the UK, she ventured to Thailand for surgery, which ultimately proved unsuccessful.

She first appeared on Embarrassing Bodies in an episode originally broadcast on the 12th of March 2012, and was referred to Crown Cosma Clinic by Dr Christian Jessen for correction of her continued hair loss and failed, damaging hair implant surgery. Dr Shahmalak, Crown Cosma Clinic’s founder, performed a hair transplant to correct the problematic procedure originally performed in Thailand. Adele appeared on Embarrassing Bodies again on the 21st of August to update Dr Jessen on the great success of her surgery; she is delighted, and feels the procedure has made a vast improvement on her hair, her confidence and her life in general.

“Hair loss can be a huge problem for many people, but Adele’s circumstances were somewhat complex given the previous botched transplant, which did nothing to help her,” said Dr Shahmalak. “We are delighted that Adele’s procedure with Crown Cosma Clinic was so successful, and wish her all the very best for the future. While it can be tempting to undergo cheaper hair transplants abroad, people should be very wary of doing this; when considering any treatment – whether invasive or not – people should take great care to only trust highly-qualified, respected professionals with strong reputations. Otherwise, as Adele’s story proved, going for the cheapest option can often bring problematic results.”

For more information on Crown Cosma Clinic and their hair loss treatments, visit or call them on 0845 2 100 300. More information on Dr Shahmalak’s treatment of Adele can be found at–changing-sex/.

About Crown Cosma Clinic:
Crown Cosma Clinic was founded by Dr Shahmalak, a pioneering surgeon who worked with the National Health Service for more than 10 years and also performed the first successful eyelash transplant in the UK. Based in Harley Street, the clinic’s specialist team offers many hair restoration options for both men and women, including hair transplants and various non-surgical treatments. They are dedicated to providing the best possible solution to help each patient get the results they need.

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