More Accurate Methane Monitoring with Intelligent eModule from Trolex

Stockport, United Kingdom, (25th January 2012) – Trolex, a leading supplier and manufacturer of gas detection, machine condition monitoring, environmental control and gas recovery monitoring systems to the utilities industry, are now offering an innovative plug-in gas sensor.

Trolex’s new infrared CH4 eModule is a plug-in gas sensing module designed to be used with the Sentro range of products. This model uses a highly precise infrared cell to monitor the environmental concentrations of methane, whilst continuously signalling the retrieved data for consistent sensing accuracy.

The eModule stores its full service history throughout its operational life, including gas identity, measuring range, data logging, predicted life span, calibration history, set points and failure modes. Each sensing module runs self-diagnostic checks with clear and concise menu-driven user calibration instructions and detailed diagnostic data.

“The eModule makes maintenance, service and calibration easy,” commented a spokesperson for Trolex. “The eModule has superior long-term stability and its essentially linear response and high sensitivity means it can be calibrated for low gas concentrations and high concentrations up to 100% in volume. We are sure the eModule will become a popular product amongst our clients and look forward to retailing more pioneering plug-in gas sensors in the future.”

Further details are available from Trolex Ltd., on 0161 483 1435, email or by visiting the company’s website at

About Trolex:

Established in 1959, Trolex have become one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of gas detectors, gas detection systems and hazardous area safety monitoring systems and sensors. They have an impressive catalogue of safety monitoring technology, but are constantly looking for new ways to improve the safety of those working in potentially hazardous environments. All of their sensors and systems are independently accredited ensuring top performance and increased safety.


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