Newcastle Long Stay Parking Beefs up Security

England 12/04/2012 – Newcastle long stay parking providers have had a big push to tighten up security

The Newcastle long stay parking industry is very competitive, yet many of the providers work together when it is necessary to do so. They all want to provide a superb service to their customers. It is a must for customers to be confident about leaving their car at the airport. It only takes one bad story for people to be put off of leaving their car at the airport and begin to arrive there using public transport instead. Therefore it is in the interests of the industry as a whole to pull together and find ways of providing a truly hassle free service.

Perhaps one of the worst things that could happen is for a customer to arrive home only to find that their vehicle has been broken into or stolen. As a result, most long-term parking facilities have some form of security. However, in many cases this is in the form of an old-fashioned security guard. Whilst this does deter most thieves, it does not put off determined professionals. In reality, thefts from these car parks are almost unheard of. However, car park providers in the area have decided not to be complacent about this potential problem.

Many of the long-term or long stay parking facilities in and around Newcastle airport have beefed up their security. They have done so because they feel that the economic downturn could lead to more attempts by thieves to steal from holidaymakers’ cars.

How the Newcastle long stay parking industry has responded

Those Newcastle long stay parking providers that have already got full CCTV installed have modernised those systems. Car parks that have not got full fencing and CCTV have added it or are in the process of doing so. Many of the car parks have also beefed up their security lighting.

Newcastle Parking Discounts is a parking discounts site that provides parking to thousands of customers every year. They welcome the fact that the car parks in and around Newcastle airport are so proactive. For them it means that all of their customers will have a good parking experience and will therefore want to book via them in the future.


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