Novus Biologicals Announces New Phosphorylated Blooms Syndrome Protein Blm Antibody

Cambridge, United Kingdom (29 October 2010) – One new Blooms Syndrome Protein (BLM) antibody made to a phosphorylated site was recently introduced to the bioscience research industry by Novus Biologicals.  The Blm [phospho Thr99] antibody (catalog # NBP1-46851) recognizes the Bloom Syndrome Protein at threonine 99.  This new BLM antibody has been twice published and is backed by Novus’ Guarantee + Innovator’s Reward™ Policy.

Novus’ new phospho-BLM [Thr99] antibody cross-reacts with humans and is useful for Western blot analysis, where it recognizes a band at ~160kDa. Western blot analysis was conducted in MDA-MB-231 cells, including non-treated cells and cells treated with 1uM camptothecin.

The Bloom’s syndrome gene product, BLM protein, is a member of the RecQ helicase protein family. BLM protein contains 1417 amino acids; including one ATP binding site, one DEAH box, and two putative nuclear localization signals, as well as phosphorylation sites. BLM protein is known to associate, and be phosphorylated by the ATR protein in response to genetic stress. The BLM protein is located in the nucleus of normal human cells in the nuclear domain 10 (ND10) or promyelocytic leukemia nuclear (PML) bodies. These structures are punctate deposits of proteins disrupted upon viral infection and in certain human malignancies. The BLM protein is likely to be part of a DNA surveillance mechanism operating during S phase – BLM was found to be part of the BASC (BRCA1-associated genome surveillance) complex, which may serve as a sensor of abnormal DNA structures and/or as a regulator of the postreplication repair process.  The BLM protein is thought to play a role in the etiology of cancer and diabetes, two major human health problems that are common complications of Bloom’s syndrome.

Novus provides other Blooms Syndrome Protein antibodies, proteins, and RNAi which can be found here. BLM -related products are also available from Novus, including c-Kit antibodies, Rad51 antibodies, TNF alpha antibodies, and WRN antibodies.

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