Manchester, United Kingdom (04 February 2011) – Myprotein, the UK’s top online supplier of cheap protein supplements and sports nutrition products, are delighted to add MP MAX Peanut Butter to their extensive range of protein supplements.

MP MAX Peanut Butter has been specially designed and manufactured by Myprotein to act as a great tasting and natural source of healthy protein, fats and carbohydrates, made from 100% peanuts, with no additives and nothing taken out.

This new peanut butter contains heart healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats, making it a perfect snack option for anyone striving to maintain a balanced diet throughout their busy working days. MP MAX Myprotein is ideal for active people, providing an extremely calorie dense source of protein, which can offset the sort of high calorie diets that are popular with those looking to build mass.

When producing MP MAX Peanut Butter, Myprotein roasts peanuts in their natural brown skins prior to grounding them to a smooth texture. As absolutely nothing else is added, the resulting peanut butter is great for use as an energy boosting pre-work out snack or simply as a tasty, healthy option between meals.

“The Myprotein community have been asking us to produce a natural peanut butter for a while now, and it’s always nice to show them that we take their suggestions on board when developing new products,” commented Neil Kirwin of Myprotein. “Maintaining a balanced diet can be very difficult for non-professional athletes, especially those with busy jobs that leave little time for preparing healthy meals. By opting for MP MAX Peanut Butter, users can enjoy a great tasting, energy giving snack that won’t upset their routine.”

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