Novus Biologicals Distribute Genomic Antibody Technology™

Cambridge, United Kingdom (17 December 2010) – Novus Biologicals is the exclusive worldwide distributor of SDIX’s premade Genomic Antibody Technology™ (GATTM) polyclonal antibodies.

GAT™ uses sophisticated bioinformatics and immunization strategies to produce high-value antibody reagents and biomolecules. SDIX’s application of powerful proprietary algorithms enables GAT to focus antibody creation on a precise gene or protein sequence that directs the resultant antibody to specifically bind to that region of the protein in its naturally folded form.

The ability of any antibody to recognize a protein’s naturally folded state has the potential to expand an antibody’s utility to high-value applications like sandwich immunoassay, chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), and flow cytometry.  Another advantage of this technology is the ability to produce reagents against traditionally difficult cellular targets, such as highly conserved and transmembrane proteins.

Please contact the Novus Technical Support team at if you have questions regarding GAT and the GAT polyclonal antibodies, or to learn more, download the GAT™ White Paper here.

About Novus Biologicals:
Novus Biologicals is an international scientific company, helping to accelerate the advancement of scientific discoveries by developing and commercialising new products in scientific and biological fields. By promoting and commercialising unique biological materials,
antibodies and products to the biological research community, Novus plays an important part in helping to advance international biological research practices. Novus is also constantly monitoring emerging scientific trends and strives to supply products for their advancement.

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